I have always loved taking pictures. Some photographers love taking pictures of nature, architecture or animals. I definitely know what is my field and I love taking pictures of people!

My specialty is bourdoir photography of woman. But I also love taking pictures of couples, families and children.

I believe that every women deserves to have beautiful pictures of herself at any time of her life stage because the age is only number. That‘s why I love taking natural photos of woman in her 30s as well as 60s. I also love capturing very important moments as pregnancy and other celebrations.

My passion for photography started when I was 16 years old and I started to work as a model. With time I found out that being a model does not fulfil me and I want to be the one who takes pictures. In the meantime I focused on finishing my studies of Business and Marketing, and later chasing my dream career. After finishing my Master at EBS Business school in Germany I started to work in a company Saal Digital, which brought me again to photography and I really enjoyed it.

Now I am taking and editing pictures almost every day. Currently mostly in Barcelona, where I live, but I also travel often to Czech republic and Germany.

I would be happy if you follow my work on Instagram: 🙂

You find more photos of my work with some clients under Photography and here are the links:

Boudoir with Nina

Street portrait with Maria

Golden hour portrait with Klara

If you are interested in a photo session with me, please contact me here or on my Instagram. I would be very happy to catch some beautiful moments of your life ❤

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