Balanced & delicious

I love food. Luckily, I can eat a lot of food and I don’t gain weight so easily (so far). I love all type of food and I also believe in some kind of balance. You cannot eat every day burger and junk food, neither only salad and super healthy food. Or of course you can but then either you become fat or at least unhealthy or the other way – very slim and maybe unhappy of the limited options in your life. But of course, that is everyone’s decision 🙂

In my opinion the balance in your life is always needed and even more with food. When we reach the balance, we reach happiness.

Eatinbalance&delicious shows you variety of all types of food places that I find delicious. Sometimes I also add recipes when I cook or bake home. I try to keep the pictures always real.

Follow my delicious Instagram page and let yourself inspire. I am also very happy to explore new places, so if you have recommendations, let me please know. Thank you!! I hope you will enjoy my delicious foodie tips! 🙂

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