About me

I was born in Czech Republic, but I rather feel like a citizen of the world.

From workshop with Pavel Beran. Am I a photographer or a model? 😉

I lived before in several countries: UK, Denmark, USA, Spain, France and Germany. Every country I have lived in gave me something. Barcelona taught me how to appreciate every moment and enjoy life to fullest. Germany taught me discipline and living alone and gave me friends for life. UK showed me that it is not a place for me. Always thought France would be a perfect place to live until I lived there. USA was full of ups and downs. Denmark taught me how to less stress in life and showed me which direction I want to go next. Spain in general taught me how to eat well (also more sea food), slow down and take time for myself. Always thought Barcelona will be my final destination, but it wasn’t. Now living happily between Bali and Europe.

What I want to say is that every experience, bad or good, give you something valuable.

Photography and marketing is my passion.

Always prefer capturing moments, emotions, rather than only posing pictures. I especially love capturing people, lifestyle pictures, as well as food photography.

I have worked more than 5 years in online marketing and my passion is everything about branding, social media and online advertising. I always try to give my heart to what I do ❤️

I speak Czech, English, German and Spanish. However I will try to keep the website very international – that means English is the main language.

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