Social Media Marketing

“Social media is not just a spoke on the wheel of marketing. It’s becoming the way the entire bicycles are built.”

Use the most powerful online channels on the internet to your profit. Creating unique and eye catching content for social media platforms – Instagram & Facebook. Producing meaningful communication strategy and content plans through interesting ideas, high quality text & image content.

People go on social media because they are curious and they search for some more inspiration. When looking for a new or already developed product, service or place to visit, you go on social media to see if this is what actually inspires you. If this is the brand you want to socialise with. This is the new way how people decide if to go for something new.

Having more than 5 years experience in social media strategy & advertising, I want to help other brands to grow and find their necessary spice to level up their online branding into something inspiring.

The goal is to catch attention of current and potential customers, provoke interaction and all that in an efficient way.

The process of adding SPICE to your social media profile:

  1. Getting to know more about your company, customers and goals.
  2. Proposing a plan and style, at the same time we also set up the KPIs goals.
  3. Setting up the social media profiles.
  4. Taking care of all content, including stories. Creating blogs, pictures & text pictures, contests, etc. Contacting and working with influencers.
  5. If agree, taking professional & eye-catching photos.
  6. If agree, taking care of Instagram & Facebook advertising as well as communication with customers.
  7. Providing weekly or monthly reports. After that we can agree on slight setting changes if necessary.
  8. Every month you will receive a report about the results.

In Testimonials you can find more about the accounts I am currently taking care of.

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