Bali – my comeback

People keep asking me why I am going back to Bali for some more time. So let me maybe start with the first spontaneous Bali trip. It was June and I was moving out of Barcelona, recently broke up with my ex boyfriend and did not really feel like staying there. But that time I did not feel like staying anywhere to be honest. I felt like I want to explore something and that something  must be very different to the life I used to live in Barcelona or any other place I stayed. I wanted to go to Bali already in March, but the relationship hold me a bit back.

Sooo I decided to spend one month in Bali, focus on myself, go regularly to gym, meet new people, explore the place, feel the vibe,… And it was an incredible month of my life. I was so lucky that I met my slovakian Bali soulmate Nikol right on my way in the plane 🙂 Truth be told sometimes it wasn’t that easy as it sounds here. I also went through some ups and downs, but I guess that’s life and also the „after break up stage“ that probably everyone has to go through. At the end of the trip I did not only want to prolong my stay (I couldn’t because of my passport expiration) but I was also thinking about coming back for a longer period of time. What do I like about Bali so much then?

The vibe and people: definetely the main reason why I love this place. This place makes me feel so free like I have never felt in my life. You talk to people and do not feel judged because almost everyone who went to Bali went through something in their life that led them to change their life or took longer vacation there. When you talk to people you notice that many of them have incredible stories to tell. And that really opens your mind. Also, the local people are mostly very friendly and helpful.

International place: people, especially who live in Canggu come from all over the world and the place is just super international. So you live in Asian place with so much spiritual vibes but sometimes it actually does not feel like Asia because of the mix of people and how the place kind of adjusts to them.

Many cool places: in Canggu and other areas you find many places to eat with different cuisines, many fitness and yoga places, and  much more. Again it gives you feeling of Asian and kind of European mix.

Freedom: Many people living in Bali work online, they are so called digital nomads. I find this kind of work so inspiring and does not matter if it’s for longer or shorter period of time. Usually working times are up to you and give you so much freedom to plan your days accordingly to your needs, like going to surf in the afternoon or have a walk on the beach during your lunch break. I always tried to wake up early in Bali and went for morning training session at Canggu Nest. But I don’t want to act like a super innocent good girl all the time – I also enjoyed the party life a lot! 😀 Back to freedom, it was my first time driving a scooter, first I was a bit scared and later it just felt so natural driving next to many bikes that honk all the time just because they want to say hello to you 😀 sometimes you don’t even know the reason why they honk. Some days I just took my bike and went for day trips alone and it felt so good. This is the freedom I am talking about.

When staying in Bali for second time I would like to work online (at least a bit 🙂 ) together with taking pictures and a lot of them, but also travel to places I haven’t visit yet and I might even go to other „nearby“ places like Australia or Thailand. I have the feeling that now is the time to do it. I also don’t feel like living in a city now, I really need some more of Bali vibes in my life.  Some people told me to do this, some people do not agree with this kind of lifestyle and say I should already settle and have a stable job. Well – I guess this decision is up to me at the end and I know that people who want to stand by my side will stay even I am thousand kilometers away. So it does not really bother me anymore. Important is to do what you feel! Actually, before going to Bali in June I went to my migraine therapist that also reads tarot cards and out of curiosity I asked her about future and stuff. She didn’t want to believe that I go to Bali only for one month because she has seen more time there or at least many travels. Well I did not believe her first either because my plan was different but later it just shifted so naturally to this new plan.

When staying in Bali I will also try to write some recommendations where to eat, where to stay, what to visit and update you with pictures 🙂

4 Replies to “Bali – my comeback”

  1. Václav says:

    Zajímavé čtení. Taky jsem v životem dost cestovala nikdy bych ničeho nelitoval, nebo se neohlížel na lidi co říkali “měl bys to a to” 🙂 Ať to klapne!

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  2. Martina says:

    Cestování přináší člověku velkou svobodu a pokud může pracovat online… Co víc si přát? Je úplně jedno, co říkají druzí, člověk by měl jí tam, kam ho srdce táhne a kde se cítí dobře. Přeji plno cestovatelských zážitků 🙂

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