Malaysian paradise – Redang island

It`s been two months since I came from Malaysia and I didn’t know that my next asian vacation will come so soon – now in Bali 🙂 Before I write about my great Bali experience (so far) I want to tell you something about a place that is basically paradise on the Earth and it belongs to Malaysia.

Redang island was for many years visited only by locals, and it’s recently becoming to be more touristic. Nevertheless you can still expect beaches with only few people. On this island they protect sensitive marine and it’s important conservation site for sea turtles.

How to get there?

Truth be told, it takes a little bit longer to get there, but it’s not a big deal either. We took a plane with Malaysian airlines from Singapur to Kuala Lumpur and then a connection flight to Kuala Terengganu.

Unfortunatelly, you always have to fly through Kuala Lumpur. Once you get to Kuala Terengganu you take a cab that leaves you in 45 minutes in a little port. From there it takes another 45 minutes to the island. It sounds like a lot of travelling, but trust me, the empty and white beach with clear blue water is definetely worth it.

Where to stay?

There are more options to choose from. Either you can stay in a budget place or a nice & more comfortable hotel. Many people come only for diving, then it makes sence to sleep in less expensive hotel as you spend a lot of time outside. But we wanted to enjoy the beach and the only private beach that is always cleaned is in the hotel The Taaras Beach and Spa resort – so we stayed there and loved it 🙂

The hotel was super nice and the stuff always very kind. You have to take into consideration that the four star hotel in this island is not the same as somewhere in a touristic place, but still, we really enjoyed the home and local feeling of this hotel as well as the beautiful location – surrounded by nature. In the hotel there were some activities during the day, as walking in the forest to see breath taking views or some other sports activities.

I was really excited to see the huge sea turtles. At the end I was super scared to swim with them as they mostly swim towards you because they expect some food, but still, it was an amazing experience.

Mostly we ate in the hotel, which was good but there were not many local dishes, so we also went to try a small local restaurant Aima Grill Fish next to our hotel and surprisingly it was very delicious, also considering that for everything we paid maybe 15 euros. So I recommend to go to eat outside of the resort too.

What I really liked were the local breakfasts in the hotel. It shows that still many malaysian people visit this place and the hotel stuff care about them. First day it took me some time to eat rice and noodles with fried spring rolls for breakfast, but the second day I was already really enjoying 🙂

Honestly, I am still dreaming of this place and how everything was relaxed there with so less people around. I recommend to visit this island to everyone. We combined this travel with Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. It was a great choice and amazing time! 🙂

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