Michelin starred Singapore

Singapur was my first asian experience. I was expecting something great, but it actually exceeded my expectations. We stayed there 3 nights and managed everything what we wanted to see and experience: a bit of sightseeing, great food places, enjoyed stay in Marina Bay Sands and its infinity pool, casino, nightclub, so we did pretty much of everything 🙂

My top sightseeing places are: Little India, China town, the show at Gardens by the Bay was something really great, light show near Marina Bay Sands and the huge hotel resort itself and Botanical garden – I was really impressed. The aquarium in Sentosa island was also really cool. I was a little bit disappointed with Sentosa island. In my opinion is the beach and surroundings nothing special.

Staying in Marina Bay Sands hotel was absolutely worth it. We enjoyed our stay a lot, also spent some hours near the breath taking infinity pool, where actually only hotel guests can enter, so it’s not too crowded. However the view from the gym Banyan Tree Fitness and our hotel room with sky view was pretty amazing too! The complex of Marina Bay Sands hotel is huge, you find there enormous shopping mall with luxury brands, big casino, many restaurants and bars and much more. We really enjoyed the day view as well as weekend party at Ce La Vi club.

Now the food! The first day we went to china town to try World’s cheapest Michelin-starred restaurant (to me more street food place) that is called Liao Fan Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice & Noodle. I ordered chicken rice dish for 3,5 dollars, which is very cheap considering it’s a Michelin star place. We did not even have to wait long, everything was very good organized and we enjoyed their food.

Saturday we went to an amazing restaurant called Shoukouwa which is the only two Michelin starred Japanese restaurant in Singapore. The place is so special because their fresh fish and seafood are flown daily to Singapore from Tokyo’s famed Tsukiji Market. Unique experience, where the chef prepares dishes right infront of you. Many of these fishes I have never tried before and it’s surely the best Japanese restaurant I have ever been to. After, we went to explore the Singapore nightlife. We ended up in Zouk club and really enjoyed it.

Last day we wanted to try some local food and more importantly Chilly Crab, so we chose a restaurant Justin Flavours of Asia, that is located near Marina Bay Sands and you can enjoy view to light & water show too. Eating chilli crab with plastic gloves was nothing easy, but we managed :-))

I really recommend everyone to visit Singapore! It is something I have never seen before. This city is very safe and clean. It is also called a city of fines! You are not allowed to do many things or you have to pay a lot. Some interesting facts:

  • Eating or drinking in metro will cost you $500
  • Chewing gum $1,000
  • Connecting to another user’s wifi $10,000
  • Forgetting to flush the toilet “only” $150
  • Around your house nude with any open curtains $2,000
  • Feeding pigeons $500
  • Taking drugs can even end in a death penalty

Well, I guess not easy to live in this city full of fines, but on the other hand you might not find a safer place to live. However, we did not pay any fine and had lots of fun! 🙂

Little advice: What really helped us to move around Singapore was the app Grab – similar to Uber. At the beginning we were a little bit fed up with taxi drivers in Singapore, because it was sometimes really difficult to get a taxi and even at one place were many taxis available, it seemed like they didn’t want to work. Moreover they were mostly unfriendly. The application grab is very user friendly and you get a car within few minutes. The drivers are nicer and ready to help if needed. You can see the driver’s name and picture, also car identification number and reviews. In some places as Kuala Lumpur is even safer to use the grab than a regular taxi – Singapur is not that case because it’s extremelly safe everywhere. However we sometimes used the metro (when it was near because in the heat it’s difficult to walk any longer distance) and it was very clean, easy to use, fast and not expensive at all.

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