Life in Barcelona

In September 2018 I decided to make this change. A change for better – I hope. And 4 weeks after this decision I moved with my 3 luggages to new home – Barcelona. It wasn’t my first time I moved to a new country but still, this time it felt different.

My new home 🙂

So how are my first days in a new city called Barcelona and how different is life here from Germany? Trust me, waaaaaaaay different! 🙂But what matters more to me is the overall feeling how I feel in a place and in Barcelona I feel happy and relaxed. More relaxed than in Frankfurt. I believe it’s because of people – and of course the most important person who was the reason why I moved here. But let’s continue with the difference. Life here is more social in general.You can go for drinks with friends on Friday, have a dinner with friends on Saturday, meet your family for lunch on Sunday, play paddle with couple of friends on Sunday evening and after go for a theme party. And I forgot about the cinema on Monday and the citywalk with class mates from Olé spanish courses on Tuesday and after work party on Wednesday and watching football with a friend on Thursday. And most of it all spontaneously. You follow me? In Frankfurt it felt more like that work is the main thing and you live to work but here it feels more like you work to live. I would say it feels similar to Czech. And I have missed this. But also, it is a big change for me after 5 years living in Germany. Another difference is the fact that people in Spain talk a lotand they love to gossip about different people’s life. In Germany people more care about their lives and do not need to know much about their neighbors or last gossips about what happened last night. In Spain people enjoy it. Even in a grocery store a shop assistent gossips with you, so you should always count with some extra time when you go to buy something.  This person is called in Spain “cotilla” 🙂 This is what I miss a bit about Germany, where people do not really care about other’s life, but of course you cannot have both. Social life and gossiping belong a bit together. And I still prefer having more social and kind of relaxed life in Spain also with the fact that you have be careful what you say to other people.

Now, the most important thing for me is to practice my spanish, because I know that without being able to communicate in a country I call “home” I wouldn’t completely feel like home and it would always disturb me that I do not understand everything what people talk about (becoming “cotilla” :-)) I started my spanish courses at Olé languages school( in Barcelona and I am so happy about it. Every day I go to my classes with a big smile because I know I will learn something new what will help me for my new life in Barcelona and I get to know many new interesting people from all around the world. I just finished my 3rd week and I already made some new friends, which I find very important when moving to a new city 🙂 Our class with teacher Diego is very openminded and relaxed and I am actually sad I have only 1 week more because then I am leaving to Peru. However I am sure I will come back after my journey.

I have to say I already feel here like home and it is surely because of people around that give me this feeling. I am very grateful for every moment spent with them.

And now I am going to enjoy my weekend and the beach in Sitges! Tomorrow should be last beach Sunday here – clear blue sky with 24 degrees 🙂 

Happy mornings in Sitges

I will be back soon with some recommendations of places in Barcelona or my journey in Peru! I can’t wait! Amazing weekend to everyone and smile 🙂

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